Never too Late for a Care Package

The following is written by Fred Doster, a volunteer at Military Missions.

DATELINE Long Bien, Vietnam, December
25, 1969:

PFC Doster an MP with the 615th MP Company was assigned to the Main Gate for Long Bien from 7 AM to 7 PM.  The main duty that day was to stop jeeps full of GI’s who wanted to get on base to see the Bob Hope show.  It was a long day, and full of disappointment.  Since I’d been in-country just 3 weeks I had yet to get any mail, let alone a package.  I felt like my world was two worlds away.

DATELINE Lexington, KY, November 15,

I was given the opportunity to represent Military Missions on a call with the hosts of the Nashville, TN radio show “Ty, Kelly & Chuck” 97.3 NASH FM.  They let me ramble with a brief recap of the Military Missions history, the fact we are all volunteers, and our packages go to deployed soldiers of all Military Branches.  I was asked if I was a Vet, and replied, “Yes, and I even got to spend 2 Christmases in Vietnam.  Too bad I wasn’t able to receive one of these neat boxes!!”. 

The radio stations appeal was for listeners to send 100,000 Thank Yous to our troops, gathering them at the station.  The listeners from across the country not only met the Challenge but exceeded it with 209,433 cards!!!

DATELINE Lexington, KY, January 16,

Jennie (my wife) & I volunteered to go to Military Missions to accept a FedEx package, and while waiting Jennie went in the back.  She returned with a Box Package addressed to “Fred Doster, c/o Military Missions…..”.  I opened it and it was full of neat stuff, just like the ones we send out.  But, as in our boxes, there was a letter to me!!  (Link below to view entire letter.) 

When I read “I want you to accept this package as a small gesture of our complete understanding of spending Christmas abroad. I want to apologize on behalf of a grateful Nation as well.”  I couldn’t hold my tears back, because it brought back my only bad memory of being in the Army.  That was my return to civilian life, and my being scared of being spit at when arriving in Uniform at Syracuse, New York airport on December 30, 1970.

This gesture of a Veteran US Army Chaplain truly touched me.  Pro Deo Et Patria.  I wonder what Chief Fomby would think, or my partner Tex Sharp, or Hammons, Weimer, Peterson, Taylor, and the others!!

Yes, helping out at Military Missions is both fun and rewarding!

Fred Doster, Volunteer

Click HERE to view the letter Fred received.

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100,000 Thank Yous

We send thousands of thank you cards and letters in care packages sent to deployed troops every year. So, we were honored to learn that Ty, Chuck and Kelly, a Nashville radio show, had chosen us as the recipient of their 2nd Annual 100,000 Thank Yous campaign.

Last year, 175,000 cards came in from people all across the US. This year that record was shattered when they received a total of 209,433 cards!

We could not even imagine how many boxes of cards this would look like so we anxiously awaited their arrival. Let’s just say… It’s a LOT! The above photo does not do justice… There are over 120 containers/boxes of cards.

We cannot express how much we appreciate the support of Ty, Kelly & Chuck and everyone who sent in cards for the troops! We also want to sincerely thank Ms. Jennifer Cooper, Ret LTC John Curtis, and Midnight Express Transportation Solutions, Inc. for delivering the cards to our office.

You can learn more about Ty, Chuck and Kelly at

Fast Change Lube & Oil Donation

Fast Change Lube and Oil Operation Soldier Care program raises thousands of dollars to send care packages to deployed troops.

October 26, 2018 – Fast Change Lube and Oil presented Military Missions volunteers with a check for $30,000.00, raised through their 4th annual Fast Change Operation Solider Care program. They also collected thousands of care package items.

Fast Change Lube and Oil teamed up with WEMM Radio in Huntington, WV in an effort to support the U.S. deployed troops. Fast Change customers at all 20 Fast Change locations, gave monetary donations as well as donating care items. With the help and support of loyal customers and the Fast Change team, Operation Soldier Care more than doubled last year’s donation of $11,000.00. All of the funds will go to sending care packages to deployed soldiers. 

Fast Change Lube and Oil President Kevin Davis said, “Being able to sponsor the Fast Change Operation Soldier Care for the fourth consecutive year is a great blessing. It is an honor to aide Military Missions in providing care packages to the brave and selfless men and women who serve our Country. All thanks go to our loyal Fast Change customers and the Fast Change Team who were able to make this donation to Military Missions possible!”


We cannot express how much this continued generosity and support from Fast Change employees and customers is appreciated. It is our mission to show the deployed men and women that people back home are thinking about them… and these donations definitely prove that! 

As an ongoing token of gratitude and appreciation, Fast Change honors active military personnel and veterans with discounted services at all 20 Fast Change Lube and Oil locations. Click here to find a Fast Change location near you. 

THANK YOU to Kevin Davis, all the Fast Change employees and customers, and WEMM radio for choosing to help Military Missions support our troops! 

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