Give Up Your Laundry

laundry in a basket

As I was driving into work this morning I was talking to God about some STUFF. To clarify, when I use the word STUFF that covers a wide range of topics…. anything from my insecurities, worries, general gripes, needs, things I’m believing for, challenges, wonderings (the why’s?)…. You name it and it could probably qualify as a STUFF topic.  As I shared my heart this morning with God, telling Him about my attitude problem lately and asking where that was coming from…. I began to realize that some offense and some hurt feelings that had been stuffed down deep inside were beginning to work their way to the surface, manifesting in anger and discontent. Then God interrupted me with the image of a laundry basket filled with a hodge-podge of random clothing and clothes hangers, stacked way too high, overflowing, with items randomly sticking out every-which-way (that’s a Faith/Kentuckanese word-in case you didn’t recognize it)! The visual image I had greatly resembled a laundry basket you could have found earlier in the week in my laundry room….you know the one that you stuff the recently dried clean clothes into so you can hurry up and switch the wet washed clothes into the dryer?  After you do this a couple times, because you haven’t had time to fold and put away the previous load of clothes. So pretty soon the laundry basket is full, overflowing and out of control.  Followed up by that image God said your life is like that sometimes.  You just need to take all those things that are bothering/worrying/haunting you… those struggles, insecurities, doubts, fears, whatever it may be… gather them up, stuff them in a basket and hand them over to me.  Bring me your jumbled up, random messiness and let me replace it with my peace, joy, love and provision. So, in my mind’s-eye, I did just that.  I visualized all that hurt, worry, wonder, and need to control and have all the answers, unloaded outta my heart/off my shoulders and threw it in a laundry basket and handed it over to God.  Suddenly I felt a lighter and that anger was gone.

That may sound crazy to you, but for just a moment why don’t you stop and consider if there is any “dirty laundry” you need to unload out of your life and turn over to God.  I mean you may be perfect and have no issues… if that’s the case… AWESOME!  I think you’re probably in a very small group.  lol.  I don’t care who you are, we all at some time or another face a challenge or an attack or a moment our focus is so bombarded we start to look at the storm more closely than we do the calmer of the storm-Jesus.  In those times, we must refocus our thoughts and get rid of the jumbled up messiness and turn it over to God.  God has the BEST do-over, fresh-start, new beginning policy!!!

God does not intend for us to walk around loaded down or struggling in any area of our life. He’s got the answer for any problem or need and His “stain” removing capabilities put a Tide pen to shame!!! 😉



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