You Can Change the World

to one person you  may be the worldFamily isn’t always biological or blood related.

The bond and ability to form relationships is the most amazing thing humans are capable of. We can’t choose our parents or biological family, but we can choose those we love, care for, support and form unbreakable bonds with. Those folks we choose and that choose us are the ones that are closer than any blood tie could ever be. Examples of what I’m talking about can seen in foster or adoptive families, and of course the military. Bonds formed in extenuating, difficult, or battle situations are connections that are generally the strongest.

I am so thankful to have the parents I have and other amazing family members who have been and continue to be loving and an amazing support system. I do know however that not everyone is born into such a family. I’m also thankful for my best friend, who truly is my sister, although we have no blood ties whatsoever.

All of us have the ability to provide support for others, even if they are not related to us. I think of all the young Marines my family and I saw when we visited Camp Lejeune recently. How many of them have no family support system? Many of those young men probably enlisted in search of a sense of belonging. Many of them come from broken homes where parents weren’t around, or were too stoned or self-absorbed to be parents. My point is, if you have the opportunity to support and encourage someone, whether it’s a member of the military service or your elderly neighbor next door, do it! Your kindness and taking the time to say hello, make a meal, or give them a ride to an appointment can make all the difference in the world.

I encourage you today to be observant of the people around you and those that cross your path. Some of them may not have anyone else in the world who takes the time to show them support or care. There’s a song I heard that’s lyrics say, “I want to be a difference maker, a world changer”….. We can all be a difference maker and change the world…. one person at a time. Let’s start today.


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