We ARE the UNITED States of America

We ARE UnitedWith Memorial Day approaching, my mind is flooded with a jumble of thoughts and emotions….. I’m thankful for our troops, my heart goes out to their families, I want to cry when I think of those Veterans, in desperate need of help, who’ve made it back from combat, but have fallen through the cracks and are still trapped in a personal hell/war. Then I think of anti-American attitude (rage against military, law enforcement, etc) that seems to be spreading throughout the country like a nasty plague.

I will never, ever understand what is going on inside the heads of some so called Americans. Whenever I see or hear a report of an American flag being burned in protest, or a “church” organization protesting a funeral of a fallen solider, I am disgusted, saddened, and infuriated! How can an American citizen or someone proclaiming to be a Christian do such things? Don’t get me wrong I’m not setting myself up as anyone’s judge or jury, but I will denounce such actions and never under any circumstance say it is acceptable for people to behave that way. Is it ok to be upset with the government? Absolutely! Is it okay to peacefully protest and raise awareness of problems and plights and work to make changes where needed? Definitely! Is it okay to desecrate the very symbol of our freedom that men and women have and continue to lay down their life for? NO! Is it acceptable to shout hate and disrespectful speech at those gathered at a FUNERAL to show your protest of the war? NO!! It seems that respect, honor, common sense, courtesy and compassion are in short supply nowadays.

America is the greatest country in the world to live. We have freedoms, blessings and advantages that many people only dream of. The story of this country’s founding is more exciting, captivating, inspiring and heroic than any movie script Hollywood could ever think up. All those people who talk about how terrible America is, I wonder how many of them have ever lived in another country? How many of them have had to spend time in Iraq or Afghanistan or the countless other countries that its citizens (especially women) have little to no rights and there is no proper medical care or clean water available? Would their view of America change if they were forced to experience life as a citizen of another, disadvantaged country?

The irony of it is those who are defaming the nation, its patriots and its military personnel are able to enjoy the freedoms they stomp all over because of the very people they so desperately despise and oppose. I wanna shout, “Wake up people!! We the people ARE the UNITED States of America!!!!”

I want those military personnel (and their families) who have or are currently serving, to know that you, what you do and your sacrifice are not in vain and is appreciated beyond any words I could manage to muster. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I see an American flag being flown in someone’s yard, on their home, or in front of a business. There are so many Americans who love this country. It’s time that we stand up and let our love and support for country and the troops who defend it eclipse the ignorant nay-sayers.

Originally published at comfycouchcommand