Living Among Lambs

amonglambsYou are not alone in your struggles. Transition is hard and takes time, but you CAN DO IT!!! This is another battlefield and war you’re fighting. The key now is to learn how to fight it: what are your weapons, how do you use them, who/what is your supply & provision. Most importantly in this battle know that defeat is not an option & NEVER EVER give up or quit fighting!

I ran across this picture that a facebook friend and veteran Marine had posted. It was a visual image reminder that made me think of what God showed me about our combat veterans….

Revisit the Past

Revisit Camp LejI recently had the honor and privilege of visiting the United States Marine Corps base at Camp Lejeune, NC. My husband had been stationed there several years ago. He had many wonderful memories, but the last time he was there and the circumstances leading up to his departure had been heartbreaking and honestly devastating. The last time he was there, he went from preparing for his next deployment to being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer…

We All Face Challenges

Atop the mountainMy husband doesn’t really enjoy accolades and he’ll tell you that he doesn’t handle compliments very well, to which I respond, “Get over it, because in this family you’re going to get both!” 🙂 This week my husband joined a group of 14 other combat veterans to participate in the Save a Warrior Project hosted here in Kentucky! For those of you who have not heard of this program, in a nutshell it is basically an awesome, tried & proven PTSD Detox program…


Heart LoveLove is a powerful force. Truly, the most powerful force on the planet. It has caused many to do foolish and crazy things, but many others to do heroic, self-less and life changing acts.

There are countless accounts of wartime heroes who save the life or lives of their comrades in arms. Putting their own life in danger to protect or save the life of another. What would cause someone to make such a sacrifice?

POW-MIA Recognition Ceremony

Military Missions has had the honor and privilege of participating in the POW/MIA Recognition Ceremony held at the Leestown Road Campus of the Lexington VA Medical Center for the past three years.    Asked to provide desserts, we had an abundance of food and our veterans and their families were amazed at the outpouring of support from our community.

We have been asked to provide desserts again this year and assist with serving lunch to these courageous veterans and their family members.

The ceremony will take place this Friday, September 21, 2012, at the VA Medical Center located at 2250 Leestown Road, Lexington, Kentucky.

We are looking for volunteers to help during the event, as well as volunteers who would be willing to provide a dessert.


The ceremony begins at 10:30.  We have been asked to arrive by 9:30 am.  Your help will be needed until approximately 1:00 pm.   Please send an email to Ginny at  Include your contact information such as cell phone number so we can contact you on the day of the event if there is a need to do so.

If you are also planning to bring a dessert item with you on the day of the event, please indicate this information in your email when you sign up for the event.


If you can not attend the event, but would like to help by donating a dessert item, please send an email to Ginny at  Let us know which dessert you are planning to donate.

Desserts can be dropped off at our office at Millpond Center, 3650 Boston Rd., Suite 146, Lexington, KY,  on Thursday, September 20, between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM or dropped of directly at the VA Medical Center’s Leestown Road Campus on the morning of the event anytime after 9:00 AM.


*Please try to donate items in disposable containers.

*Include a serving utensil for your dessert.

*If containers are not disposable, please mark items with your name.

*Slice items, such as cakes, prior to drop off.

*This event is outside. Please do not bring items which need to remain refrigerated prior to being served.

Thank you for supporting our veterans and honoring our POW’s.

America’s Best

We’ve all been watching the Olympics for the past couple of weeks.  There is nothing more exciting than watching Team USA dominate and win so many medals.  While we can appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice that our Olympic athletes give to represent our nation, let’s not forget those who are making a bigger sacrifice to represent the United States of America.

All of us at Military Missions, Inc. want to thank each and every one of you who has put on the US Armed Forces uniform and stood in the gap for our freedom.  You ARE America’s best!!

Photo by Karen Sparks and Beth Pennington