Hold Your Head High

UniformNever be ashamed of your service and proudly wear that uniform you’ve earned the right to wear.

If I’ve learned anything through my journey on this planet, I know that what happens to one person is probably being experienced simultaneously by countless others. We are not islands to ourselves, and the problems and challenges we face are the same problems and challenges someone else has, is or will face.

That being the case I wanted to address something…. My husband has recounted to me a time when he was an active duty Marine and went home on leave to visit his family. During this visit he attended church. At some point during that day’s church visit an elderly parishioner approached him and asked if he really thought God wanted him to be fighting in the war. My husband said that was the first time ever he had felt ashamed of the life he’d chosen and to wear his uniform. REALLY?!?! Wow, I’m soooo very thankful I hadn’t met my husband at that time and wasn’t present when that statement was made. To be totally real and transparent right now, this girl would’ve had a very hard time not saying or doing something that I would’ve had to ask that woman to forgive me for later. Clueless, ignorant people speak without thinking on topics and things they know nothing about.

Many Americans live sheltered lives in which they only know and form opinions based upon what the media or popular opinion are feeding them. That’s dangerous and plain stupid! My point for sharing this dander raising story is this: How many other true patriots, warriors and soldiers out there have been made to feel the same way? Those who have and continue to make such sacrifices are treated as sub-par or belittled or shamed, for what? Serving their country? Protecting the very rights and freedoms of the blissfully ignorant person spouting their misinformed nonsense? If you haven’t gathered by now, that makes me really angry.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you don’t have to agree with or like war, but everyone does have the responsibility to support those in our military that are defending our freedoms. Show respect! I know that seems to be something that is in short supply nowadays. Those soldiers and war fighters and their families have and continue to make great sacrifices for you and me and everyone else in this country. Anyone that would make them feel ashamed of that service is a special kind of horrible human being.

In closing, I want any solider, warrior or military family reading this to hear me….. NEVER EVER let anyone make you feel badly for your service!!!! You should hold your heads higher than most, because you have sacrificed more than most ever will for the very freedom even I take for granted. Be proud of your accomplishments and don’t let anyone ever tarnish or take that away from you.