We get calls and emails almost every day asking “How can I help Military Missions support our troops??” Sometimes the question comes from people who live in the Lexington Ky area but many times they are from all across the USA.

We decided to create this page to help give you ideas of how you can help out. We are always trying to think of new ideas, so if you have something in mind but it’s not on our list, shoot a quick email to and let us know your thoughts.

  • THANK YOU CARDS – What is the most appreciated thing in care packages? Ask almost anyone that has been deployed and they will tell you it’s the cards and letters they received. It lets them know that someone here in the USA is thinking about them and appreciate what they are doing. We like to include 8 or 10 cards in each care package so that adds up to a LOT of cards per year. You can purchase blank non-holiday cards, write short thank you notes in them, and ship them to us. You can get your friends and family involved or even plan a card signing event with your church group, scout group, etc.
  • SHOP AT KROGER – Register and use your Kroger Plus Card and help us receive rewards! Visit . Scroll down to find your location and click “Enroll Now”. Sign in or create an account. Find and select Military Missions (ID# MA146) and click “Save”. You’ll start earning rewards for us each time you use your Kroger Plus card. Click here to print instructions. NOTE: Charity options may vary by region.
  • FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER – Visit to start your fundraiser. Choose Military Missions as your nonprofit organization and invite all your Facebook friends to donate. Some people choose to do this in lieu of birthday gifts.
  • DROP BOX – Do you know of a merchant, small business, school, church, or other establishment that would be interested in placing a collection drop box at their location?  Please email for more info.
  • SHOP AMAZON SMILE – AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your charity every time you shop, at no cost to you. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases. Click here for more details.
  • MIGHTY GOOD THINGS – Donate without spending a dime! Look around your home and collect items you’re no longer using, then send them to our friends at Mighty Good Things (with a prepaid shipping label). They have the network and know-how to turn your treasures into funding for Military Missions.
  • HUMBLE BUNDLE – As a leading retailer of digital games and eBooks, Humble Bundle offers its customers the opportunity to support a charity with every purchase they make. By using this unique link, Military Missions will benefit from a portion of the proceeds when selected products are purchased. By default, Humble Partners receive 15% of each enabled Bundle purchase, 5% for each enabled Store purchase, and $10 for every new Humble Monthly subscriber (some exclusions apply).
  • RAFFLE – Try to obtain an item of value and sell raffle tickets in your community. Donate money raised from selling the raffle tickets. Always be sure to check your state laws concerning raffles.
  • FOOD STAND – Find a local business that will donate or discount some food items. Sell $5 meal boxes, which might include a hot dog, chips, a drink.
  • RECYCLE – You can help the earth and our troops at the same time! Save aluminum cans or other items, recycle them, and donate the money earned.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD PARTY – Get your neighborhood, apartment complex, etc. to hold a pool party (or any kind of party) and ask all guests to bring items for care packages. These items can then be placed in a large box and shipped to us to be used during our next care package assembly. A list of suggested items can be found here. Remember to do lots of cards!
  • CASUAL FRIDAY / DRESS DOWN DAY – Organize a casual day at your place of employment and donate the proceeds. People choose to participate by “paying” for the privilege to dress casual for the day. Be sure to send us a group photo so we can share it on our website.
  • COMPANY TOURNAMENT – Plan a employee bowling tournament or any other competition. Participants are charged an entry fee and proceeds from these fees can then be donated to Military Missions. Be sure to send some photos so we can share on our website!
  • BIRTHDAY GIFTS – A few months ago, a boy who was turning 6 yrs old asked his birthday party guests to bring items for care packages instead of presents.
  • CLASSROOM WAR – If you are a teacher, you can organize a classroom war. This would involve picking one or more items from our suggestion list. Then have students collect these items during a set period of time. It can be a war between the students in one class or go even bigger and have the whole school participate. The classroom that collects the most items is declared the winner. Maybe the winning class could have pizza to celebrate. Box up the items and ship them to us for our next package assembly night.
  • PENNY DRIVE – This is a good one for schools to do. Each class room can bring in pennies and see which class collects the most. Take the pennies to the bank and convert them into a cashier check or form of payment that would be suitable to mail. Please do not mail cash.
  • ICE CREAM TREATS – Purchase ice cream treats or other special treats that you know your coworkers would enjoy. Provide these items for purchase during lunch or work breaks and donate the money you raise.
  • CAR WASH – Gather your friends together and plan a car wash. Charge a set amount or make it a donation based car wash. Everyone will have a great time while raising money for our troops!
  • GARAGE SALE – Plan a garage sale, car wash, bake sale, lemonade stand, etc. and donate the proceeds. You can also use the money you raised to purchase care package items and ship those to us.
  • SIGN UP FOR COMMONKINDNESS – CommonKindness can save you money and provide funds to Military Missions – with no cost to you! Sign up and choose Military Missions as your charity, then print and redeem your grocery coupons. Each time you clip coupons or click discounts with CommonKindness, you generate funds for your charity.