Hello From Afghanistan

As we head into the holiday weekend, please remember all those men and women that are deployed overseas. They are away from their family and friends and won’t be able to enjoy all the fun and food that might be planned. We recently received a very touching letter, and this seems like the perfect time to share it….

Hello Military Missions!

My name is Jeremiah and I am currently stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan. It is currently in the mid 100’s here in Afghanistan and unfortunately, the winds do not cool us down here, as they seem to actually make us more miserable and tend to make you walk around with irritated sandy red eyes.

My job here is to inspect all types of ammunition and explosives, in order to have serviceable ammunition for all our men and women in the military. On a daily activity report, I would perform an inspection of all types of ammunition and explosives. Just to name a few… small arms ammunition .22 to .50 caliber, missile rockets, landmines, C-4 explosives, bombs, and belt/linked large caliber  ammunition. 

I wanted to take time and write you this letter to express my appreciation to you. It really means a lot to all of us here overseas to have someone like you that truly cares for us and understands our hardships as we are away from our family and friends. Your letter is a comfort and it means so much to all of us. 

Not everyone has the time or luxury to sit and write a letter back to all those who graciously send us these nice cards and letters. However, we do look at the letters you send and though they may not get a response by writing back to you, please know you have made us smile and helped us continue through many of our daily struggles. After someone here has made it down to their last 30 days in country, we start counting it down and giving out a number whenever someone asks. For example, someone would ask me “how’s it going today?” and as of today I would say. “Great, 16 days and awake up.” This means after 16 days, the very next day I wake up, I fly home to my family! 95% of everyone here would say that for their time to go home. 

Thank you again for your kind thoughts and prayers for all of us over here. I am ready to go home and see my beautiful family, as all of us here are more than ready to return home. However, sadly, not all of us will. 

Beautiful people like yourself keep smiles on our face and we want you to know your thoughts and prayers do not go unheard. Thank you again. God Bless    ~Jeremiah 

After that letter, I have no words to add… except… God Bless our Troops! May they all come home safely! We will continue to support them until they all do come home!