February Operation Dispatch

Today is Operation Dispatch!

Military Missions sends care packages to our deployed troops year round. We just recently completed our largest mailing of the year (possibly largest ever) during Operation SEND Christmas. We were thrilled to be able to send a care package to every soldier on our list! However, it depleted much of our stock of necessary items such as baby wipes, eye drops, pocket tissues, etc.

Therefore, we are RE-introducing OPERATION DISPATCH, designated as the 3rd Tuesday of every month. It’s your chance to donate a suggested minimum of $10 each month to help support our troops. For the next couple months, we are going to add in some items that we need donated as well. We need to get items back on the shelves because OPERATION EASTER is just around the corner!

This month we encourage donations of “travel size” SHAMPOO, LOTION and FOOT POWDER. These are VERY important items that get sent in care packages. Can you imagine how beneficial foot powder would be after hiking for miles? Sometimes the troops have to wear the same socks for days because they don’t have the time or means to wash them.

It is very easy to donate items, even if you live out of state, with just a few clicks of your mouse. Items can be ordered online and shipped to our office. Another option is to order from a store that is near us such as Dollar Tree or Walmart. It is normally free to ship items to a store and one of our volunteers will gladly go to the store and pick up your donated items. You don’t even have to leave your comfy couch!

So PLEASE get involved in OPERATION DISPATCH and make a monetary donation today, February 19th or donate some travel size shampoo, lotion, or foot powder anytime.

Feel free to send an email to info@military-missions.org with any questions or if you need help locating a nearby store. Donate via credit card or PayPal by clicking the button below.