Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook allows users to fundraise for a non-profit of their choice around the time of their birthday. Through this platform, Facebook users have raised over $300 million for their favorite organizations. Here’s how it works!


You! Your Facebook friends and family might be eager to give a gift on a special occasion, such as your birthday – why not make it a donation to your favorite charity – hopefully Military Mission! Anyone around the globe can donate!


Non-profits can register with Facebook to appear as one of the verified 750,000 organizations as options for fundraisers. 100% of the donation total goes directly to the organization; Facebook collects no fees during the process. Facebook also donates $5 themselves to kickstart your birthday fundraiser, once you share the campaign with your network.


Two weeks before the birthday listed on your Facebook account, Facebook will send you a notification asking if you would like to set up a birthday fundraising campaign. You’ll have two weeks until your birthday to collect funds. Make sure you post a couple reminders throughout that two week period. Each time you post a reminder, share an experience or story about your organization.


If you accept Facebook’s invitation to create a birthday fundraising campaign, you will be able to write a message telling why you are raising money for your organization and what your $ goal is. Share a story about your connection to the organization and why it is important! Your friends will be more likely to give if they understand what the organization does and why it would be a perfect gift for you on your birthday. The funds will be paid directly from Facebook to the organization.


People can choose the amount they want to give, which is a great way to allow people flexibility when giving a birthday gift. The donations are still tax-deductible. Even if your birthday fundraiser doesn’t meet your original target, it’s still great new exposure for your organization and cause!