Everybody is Going Through Something


Be KindYou know that person that suddenly switched lanes in downtown traffic in front of you?  You thought the person was just being a jerk.  What if in reality they were rushing to the ER to see an ill family member and realized at the last minute they needed to be in your lane.  You know that cashier that checks you out and isn’t very friendly or maybe even a little short with you?  Instead of just being a hateful person, maybe she’s a single mom and this cashier job is her 2nd job and she’s fighting exhaustion.  

What’s my point?  My point is this, everyone we meet is facing some sort of challenge or struggle.  Am I saying that’s a license for people to be hateful or mean?  Nope, not saying that at all.  Common courtesy is a standard we all need to make efforts to maintain.  However, my point is… don’t be so quick to judge someone’s actions or inactions, thinking they are purposely being a jerk.  In some case they may just be a jerk, but in others they may be doing good to keep their head above the water and get thru their day.  As the holidays approach it seems people lose their minds and get caught up in silliness.  I mean some of the videos of the Black Friday brawls over tv’s?!?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?!?!

I want to challenge all of us to be a bit more patient with each other.  Be the bigger person as it were, being kind and considerate to even those who are seemingly undeserving of such treatment.  It’s inevitable that we will all find ourselves in the middle of a bad day or bad circumstance.  In those moments, the kindness of others and their ability to overlook or not respond with a bad attitude means a lot.



(originally posted on comfycouchcommand.com)