Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the journeyEnjoy the journey….. My husband and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary. Part of the celebration included a stay at a lovely inn that was more like a bed and breakfast, on Douglas Lake in Dandridge, TN. This location provided more than a relaxing, scenic escape… it was a trip down memory lane. You see, I pretty much grew up on Douglas Lake. The area had changed slightly, but was still very much the same. For as long as I can remember we spent every weekend and free moment of warm weather months on that lake. I’d made lots of wonderful memories during those times that I still cherish today. Those were carefree, worry-free, simple times.

As I sat on the deck overlooking the lake, nostalgia began to set in as I reminisced about all the good times I’d had growing up and how blessed I’d been to have the parents and the life I’d had. Going to the lake wasn’t the only reason I was blessed, I was blessed to have the family and the relationship with them I have and continue to have to this day. It made me stop and think of how important it is to enjoy every moment on this journey called life. Even in bad or challenging times, there are things to be thankful for and something positive to be gained from the experience. Perfect example…. Bootcamp sucks, but the knowledge you gain there will save your life someday, the experiences you have create funny stories that you will tell for years to come, and the friendships you make forge a brotherhood that has a connection unlike any other you’ll ever experience.

Take a moment today to stop and think of a happy moment, experience, place, person, whatever, that seared a lasting smile on your conscious. Something, that no matter what’s going on in your life, if you think of that you can’t help but smile. Now, after you’ve enjoyed that moment, go make another memory that does the same thing for years to come. You can’t live in the past, but you can learn from it. Be thankful for and keep the knowledge and the happy memories gained and let the rest wash away. Look forward to the future with hope, but don’t miss the joy of the moment you are in. Enjoy the ride to your destination.



(originally posted at comfycouchcommand.com)