Donation Ideas for Operation S.E.N.D. Christmas


One week from today is our BIGGEST care package assembly of the YEAR!! If you have never attended this event, then you don’t know what you’re missing!

We will be packaging HUNDREDS of items, within a couple hours, to send to our deployed troops. It takes many donated items to make this event a success.

Maybe you’re wondering… WHAT CAN I DONATE??  Well, here is a list of suggested items that we are always in need of. (Click here for print version.)

First of all, POSTAGE money is always needed! Even if we have shelves full of stuff to send, we can’t send anything if we have no money to pay the shipping. Many people think we can ship care packages for free… I WISH!! It’s costs an average of $10 per box for postage. Our goal for Operation SEND Christmas is to ship around 3,000 packages… you can do the math! So… with that being said, monetary donations are ALWAYS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!  (Click here to donate.)

Another item at the top of the list is PERSONAL CARE ITEMS. This would include lubricating eye drops, foot powder, baby wipes, chapstick/blistex, lens cleaning wipes, pocket size tissues, hand sanitizer, nasal spray, socks, vaseline, boot insoles, electrical tape. Imagine being deployed, probably in Afghanistan, with only the bare necessities. No bathrooms or showers for weeks or months at a time… Baby wipes are the showers… foot powder helps soothe feet that may have remained in boots for days. Receiving these personal items in a care package could mean the world to someone.

Next on the list, DRINK & SNACK ITEMS. How would you like eating MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) all day, everyday, for months? How often do you get the urge to run to McDonalds or Taco Bell? I’m sure you would look forward to receiving items like Slim Jims, beef jerky, cookies, granola bars, pop-tarts, gum, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, etc.

Some other things we send are items to help take their mind off things if possible. Items like a book or magazine to read, some playing cards, a CD or DVD, a Bible, pocket size games, puzzle books, nerf balls, or hacky sacks. We also include at least 10 hand written cards or letters in each care package. We’ve been told MANY times that these cards and letters mean the most to them. Someone telling them they are appreciated and cared about. Sometimes we send pictures drawn by young kids. Those always put a smile on someone’s face when they open their box.

So as you can see, there is meaning and love behind every single item that goes into a care package. I guess that’s why it’s called a “CARE” package!

So I hope you will be able to join us for OPSEND at the National Guard Armory on Airport Rd on Nov. 5th. (Be sure to register.) If you haven’t adopted a Hero yet, you can do that while you’re there. You can do a video shout out to the troops and thank them for everything they do. You will be AMAZED at how good you will feel afterwards!

If you have questions, email or call 859-221-9477.