Bless Those Who Protect Us

KSP funeral 2Influence and solidarity were demonstrated in their truest and fullest form the past couple days as one of our own Kentucky State Troopers was laid to rest. Trooper Eric Chrisman’s end of watch came 6/23/2015 and he was laid to rest Monday, June 29, 2015. This young man was born and raised in Lawrenceburg, KY and I had the pleasure of knowing him and his family.

Although only 23 years old, Eric’s influence on the lives of those around him left a lasting, positive impact. Fond memories and love resound from his family, friends, KSP family, former co-workers, classmates, and even acquaintances. His influence was reflected in the hundreds of people that turned out to show their respects at his visitation & funeral service. Not only was there a sea of the “Thin Gray Line” on hand to see their brother off, there were representatives from law enforcement agencies from across the state and country on hand to pay their respects as well.

Being a member of the KSP family for the majority of my adult career (since I was about 19 years old) I am not unfamiliar with the solidarity exuded by the agency whenever a member of the agency is in need. They ban together and rally to show support, fulfill a need, or do whatever is necessary to take care of one of their own. However I am still in awe of what I saw unfold in the days leading up to and culminating at the service to memorialize, honor and say goodbye to Trooper Chrisman. To see so many come together, ensuring every detail was seen to, every need of the family was met, every piece and person was in place to orchestrate an exceptional farewell to an exceptional human being, who chose a life of service and sacrifice is one of the most profound examples of solidarity I have seen played out in real life in a very long time.

KSP funeralIt is a reminder to me that nothing is impossible for a people who are united with a common goal, purpose and love of something other than/greater than themselves. I say all of this as a reminder to us all of the importance of being unified to protect our country, our military, our families our values, and our freedoms. Let us not be so consumed by self and selfish ambition that we forget the sacrifice of so many that allow us to have and enjoy the very way of life we hold so dear. God bless the peacemakers, regardless of the type of uniform they wear or the agency they are employed by. Whether military or law enforcement, God bless and protect you. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Equally important to acknowledge is the family of those peacemakers. Thank you for supporting, loving, caring for and holding down the fort of those peacemakers. The part you play is vital as well. All each of you do will not be forgotten or taken for granted.

s/Faith Wells


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