Blazing Your Path

path“Follow the steps of good men instead, and stay on the paths of the righteous.” Proverbs 2:20 NLT

I know this isn’t a Bible study blog, but when I read this scripture this morning I began to think about all the great men (and women) throughout history whose actions built our country, founded institutions and organizations, and paved the ways for the amazing inventions, conveniences, etc. we enjoy and that continue to impact our lives today. Those who boldly blazed a path into unknown territory that others followed, added to and we continue to walk in today. Off the top of my head I think, of course, of George Washington and all those like him who fought to establish our nation. I think of the United States Marine Corps whose inception and evolvement is steeped with tradition and a history of bravery and path blazers. I think about the scientists and doctors whose path cutting efforts brought us electricity, penicillin, the automobile, firearms, etc. If you want to look at more modern times, think of the leaps and bounds in technology that have been made. The handheld smartphones of today can do more than the computers from years past who took up an entire floor of an office building.

Where am I going with this you may be asking? I want you to think about the people I’ve mentioned above that have done these amazing things. What made these people different from me, you or the millions of other people on the planet? Where they super-human, perfect, without faults, more competent? No. They were everyday people like you and I. Now, in some cases, yes they may have had a genius IQ or some special skill in a certain area. They most assuredly were uniquely created and equipped, placed in the era in which they lived to fulfill a specific purpose that would be a blessing to and affect countless people to come after them. However, the core/foundational/pivotal part that they all shared and that enabled them to do what they did was this: They had a vision and they didn’t allow fear, what others or any opposition that arose to stop them. They simply chose to step out and be bold enough to follow a dream/idea/belief even if it meant going against what was considered acceptable and known…. moving out into unknown territory, blazing a new path.

Today it seems that morals, patriotism, common sense, loving your neighbor, and supporting our God given (Constitutional protected rights) have become the unpopular stance to take and the path that mainstream media, the President, and many others are blatantly (but most often subtlety) purposely steering AWAY from. Now more than ever it is imperative that we follow the steps of “GOOD” men and stay on the tried and true paths that we know to be right. It’s also the time that, when necessary and needed, we follow visions and step out, being bold to make paths that never existed, being trailblazers. In all that we do, let us think about the repercussion of our actions. What will be the result our action or inaction? Will our children and grand-children benefit or suffer because of what we are doing or not doing right now?

Don’t blindly follow or recklessly lead….use wisdom and compassion in all things and never allow fear to influence your choices.



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