Assume and Sacrifice

Note: Faith, the author, is a KSP employee who volunteers for Military Missions.

KSP badgeYesterday we, the Kentucky State Police, lost one of our own. Our Trooper was gunned down along the interstate. As details leading up to his death began to service, the senselessness and sadness of his life being taken deepened. Two words repeatedly resound in my head when I think of this tragedy….Assume & Sacrifice.

The suspect, who decided to turn a traffic stop on a minor violation into a pursuit that escalated into murder. What was he thinking? What switch in his head flipped that first of all he was willing to risk not only his life, but the lives of all those inside his vehicle, including family members and two children under the age of 6? Did he ASSUME, he had no other option? Did he ASSUME his life was more important than those in his vehicle or of the Trooper he killed? Did he ASSUME all “police” are out to get you? Did he ASSUME there would be no consequences for his actions or didn’t care if there were? Did he ASSUME death was a better option than jail? Did he ASSUME nothing and simply acted out of callous, animalistic, cruel, unthinking, selfishness?

The Trooper, he swore an oath to defend and protect the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Here is an excerpt from a portion of the Code of Ethics this fallen Trooper swore to adhere to: “As a law enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation, and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the constitutional rights of all persons to liberty, equality and justice.” This Trooper kept his oath to the point of making the ultimate SACRIFICE, giving his life. His SACRIFICE began prior to the day he drew his last breath. His SACRIFICE began the day he entered the KSP Training Academy. On that day he gave up his way of doing things and control and submitted to the authority and oversight of others. He SACRIFICED his time, energy, sleep, blood and sweat. Then he graduated and began patrolling. At that point he SACRIFICED time with family and other things, making his job of upholding the oath he’d sworn a top priority. When he initially stopped the vehicle the suspect and others were in, this Trooper’s thoughts were of SACRIFICING chalking up another arrest/warrant service, instead his thoughts were of how to help the people in that vehicle and of getting them a hotel room for the night until they could make arrangements to get home.

There is a war being raged not only on our servicemen and women around the globe, but on our law enforcement officers here at home. This is a war against respect, honor, decency, morals, sanctity of life, and truly all that is good. We live in a society where lunatics are getting on Craig’s List exhorting people to kill police officers! How can someone think rioting and destroying the property of and endangering the lives of the innocent is a justified response to a perceived or proven injustice? People ASSUME the worse and SACRIFICE the truth and common sense to perpetuate hate, media hype, ignorance, and their own agenda.

Today I want us to stop for a moment and remember the SACRIFICE of our Military men and women and our law enforcement officer. I’m so thankful for those who have in the past, currently are or ever will serve and protect me, those I love and what I hold dear. Thank you for your SACRIFICE. I do not ASSUME you owe me this service, but am thankful you make that choice to serve and protect. To everyone reading this blog, I hope you will join me in pledging to do everything in your power to help support and protect those who protect us. We can all do something…. pray, random acts of kindness by sending cards, baking cookies, signing petitions to show our support. Even in extreme cases be like those good samaritans who stopped and intervened, giving aide to wounded officer and detaining his assailant when they saw an officer in distress.

The thing we cannot afford to do is be idle or ASSUME that someone else will step up and do something. We must be a part of the solution and not the problem, making our own SACRIFICE to defend what is right, stand against injustice and not perpetuate hatred and ignorance.


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