Make a difference on 12-12-12

Can you spare $12 today?

Today is a date that will never come around again… 12-12-12. Six months from now, if someone were to ask what you did on 12-12-12, you probably couldn’t remember what you did.

Here is your chance to answer “I made a difference in the life of an American Hero!”

Our true Heroes are the men and women who are protecting our freedoms by serving in the US military. They make many sacrifices EVERYDAY for us. One major sacrifice is being away from their loved ones while they are deployed overseas. Thousands of miles from home, with no comforts of everyday living like you and I have.

You can make a $12 donation today, 12-12-12, and know that you have made a difference. Military Missions, Inc. works year round to send care packages to our deployed troops. We are a 100% volunteer operated, IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

You may say “What would my one donation of $12.00 do?? How could that make a difference?” …  Well, let me show you.

Your donation of $12 will purchase any one of the following groups of items:

*12 packages of baby wipes*

*8 pairs of socks*

*13 Chap Sticks*

*24 decks of cards*

*12 puzzle books*

*15 cans of tuna*

*12 cans of chicken*

*25 cans of Vienna sausage*

*32 packages of Pop-Tarts*

*48 granola bars*

*24 bags of hard candy*

*48 pkgs of chewing gum*

*12 boxes of drink mix*

*Shipping of care pkg*

You may think $12 doesn’t go very far when you’re shopping, but to a deployed service member, the items above mean more than you can imagine.

Please consider donating $12 to help support our deployed troops during the next 12 months.