100,000 Thank Yous

We send thousands of thank you cards and letters in care packages sent to deployed troops every year. So, we were honored to learn that Ty, Chuck and Kelly, a Nashville radio show, had chosen us as the recipient of their 2nd Annual 100,000 Thank Yous campaign.

Last year, 175,000 cards came in from people all across the US. This year that record was shattered when they received a total of 209,433 cards!

We could not even imagine how many boxes of cards this would look like so we anxiously awaited their arrival. Let’s just say… It’s a LOT! The above photo does not do justice… There are over 120 containers/boxes of cards.

We cannot express how much we appreciate the support of Ty, Kelly & Chuck and everyone who sent in cards for the troops! We also want to sincerely thank Ms. Jennifer Cooper, Ret LTC John Curtis, and Midnight Express Transportation Solutions, Inc. for delivering the cards to our office.

You can learn more about Ty, Chuck and Kelly at http://www.tykellyandchuck.com/2018/10/18/ty-kelly-chucks-2nd-annual-100000-thank-yous/